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     Interested in: HR consultancy - Hospitality, Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agents
     Interested in: HR consultancy - Service, Banks, Telecommunication, other
     Interested in: Training Consultancy - Hospitality, Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agents
     Interested in: Training Consultancy - Service, Banks, Telecommunication, other

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I will attend the workshop below and make payment upon receipt of an official invoice:

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  • You/your company will be invoiced as soon as we receive the booking form . The booking is binding. If a participant is prevented from attending the workshop, reimbursement is only possible according to our cancelation policy.

  • please complete a separate booking form for each participant

Conditions of Booking

  • Demand for places on our training workshops is high and there is a maximum of 15 places available on each course. We will always endeavour to process your booking quickly and efficiently, and we remain committed to offering free training events.
  • These conditions are aimed to ensure that each organisation receives fair and equal treatment when booking any of our workshops. If you have any queries concerning the conditions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
  • All workshops must be booked in advance. Places will only be confirmed upon receipt of a signed booking form. If you return the form by email, an electronic signature is acceptable, and will be regarded as confirmation of your acceptance of the conditions of booking.
  • Cancellation Policy:

  •        Cancellation notice received one month before the workshop - NO charge
           Cancellation notice received two weeks before the workshop - the full workshop fee will be charged
           In case of no show, we reserve the right to charge the full amount of the workshop fee.